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ArtMatic With ArtMatic you can create surreal Electric Sheep-like renders of high quality videos and posters.
Mac Download ArtMatic


Samorost A very bizarre interactive puzzle. This is the prequel of the award winning Samorost 2.
Web Based Visit Samorost


Context Free This application creates mathematical art based on a small programming language for design grammars.
Linux Windows Mac Download Context Free

Context Free

astro This collection of flash applets is sure to trip you out. Be sure to navigate throughout the site.
Web Visit astro


Conclave Obscurum This Russian artist has a creepy, almost scary designed portfolio. Your guess is as good as mine.
Web Based Visit Conclave Obscurum

Conclave Obscurum

Larry Carlson Enter the Wonderful World of Larry Carlson, the home of Supreme Om and North Vale. Not for the epileptic.
Web Based Visit Larry Carlson

Trippy Larry Carlson

Zoomquilt A wonderfully painted collaborative poster that loops forever. This project is the predecessor to Zoomquilt 2.
Web Based Watch Zoomquilt


Secret Technology The personal website of Jason Nelson and his digital poetry. His unusual style of games and art is ultra trippy.
Web Based Visit Secret Technology

Secret Technology Random, trippy, browser-compatible television shorts, put together by interactive designer Paul Neave.
Web Based Watch

Boohbah Zone A psychedelic surrealistic land based on the UK kid's television show Boohbah. Check out some episodes.
Web Based Visit Boohbah Zone

Boohbah Zone

Acrobots Watch and control these trippy acrobatic 3-legged creatures. Find more abstracts like this at Vector Park.
Web Based Visit Acrobots


CAPOW A research project that explores new kinds of continuous-valued cellular automata for electric power. Crazy.
Windows Download CAPOW


Auditorium Half puzzle & half music, Auditorium involves particle manipulation to play a beautiful ambient instrument.
Web Play Auditorium


Disorientation Try to lead your character through a spinning maze of continuously changing aspect ratios.
Web Based Play Disorientation


iTunes Visualizer A psychedelic visual response through audio input. Ultragroovalicious and other plug-ins electrify the waveforms.
Windows Mac Download iTunes

iTunes Visualizer

7X7 An abstract website with deep, meaningful messages behind the random designs and compilations.
Web Based Visit 7X7


Drempels Drempels transforms your desktop into colorful hallucinogenic patterns that resemble a hurricane or tornado.
Windows Download Drempels


Echoes Echoes is like Asteroids' hyperactive, tripped out, drug crazed brother viewed through psychedelic glasses.
Windows Download Echoes


Electric Sheep A trippy screen saver that generates animated designs. Each design, or "sheep", evolves from the previous.
Linux Windows Mac Download Electric Sheep

Trippy Electric Sheep

Fluid A trippy screen saver with many bundled artistic effects and infinite options that distorts your desktop.
Mac Download Fluid


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Fly Guy Control a businessman flying through the sky and interact with what you find in this funny fantasy land.
Web Visit Fly Guy

Fly Guy

Grid Wars 2 Geometry Wars made for the computer. Shoot shapes, get power-ups, and avoid black holes!
Windows Mac Download Grid Wars 2

Grid Wars 2

Man in the Dark By Aaron Russ Clinger and Miltos Manetas, courtesy the artists and Blow de la Barra Gallery, London.
Web Based Visit Man in the Dark

Man in the Dark

Mental FX This website is the king of psychedelic fractal and kaleidoscope DVDs. They also have Java trip editors.
Web Based Visit Mental FX

Trippy Mental FX

Mono Part Asteroids, part Robotron, part Paint Shop Pro - fast paced, power-up enhanced shoot-em-up action.
Windows Download Mono


Neonlight Random visual designs based on mouse movement. Click the mouse to launch a new trippy art pattern.
Web Based Visit Neonlight


Pangea Arcade This remastered trippy edition of Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command works with 3D glasses!
Mac Download Pangea Arcade

Pangea Arcade

Plasma Pong The trippiest, most intense version of Pong you will ever play. Turn up the volume, the music is epic.
Windows Mac Download Plasma Pong

Plasma Pong

pzizz Doze off while listening to deep, gentle voices of reassurance over binaural tones and holophonic sound.
Windows Mac Listen to pzizz


Rainbox Java applet with many presets to draw psychedelic animations. Download the .jar file to experiment in fullscreen.
Linux Windows Mac Web Based Visit Rainbox

Trippy Rainbox

Ski Runner Hit the slopes and aim for a high score! Dodge trees and rocks, ignore distractions, and trip on ecstasy.
Web Based Play Ski Runner

Ski Runner

Sky Sit back and relax while you fly above the clouds in this high quality interactive shockwave animation.
Web Based Visit Sky


Spheres of Chaos Spheres of Chaos casts a psychedelic surreal experience that one would be remiss to not experience.
Linux Windows Download Spheres of Chaos

Spheres of Chaos

Spin From the creator of Modern Living and Flow comes this very bizarre, artsy, surreal interactive flash movie.
Web Based Watch Spin


Strange Attractors A spaceship game with only one button for control. Press spacebar to activate the gravity drive of your craft.
Windows Download Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors

Swirl A psychedelic screen saver for Mac OS X. The trippiest of the collection compared to his other ones.
Mac Download Swirl


Sugar Free Ink The latest art pieces from Brazilian artist Fábio Abram. The navigation is almost trippier than the drawings.
Web Based Visit Sugar Free Ink

Sugar Free Ink

Superbad This isn't the movie you're thinking of. Like Conclave Obscurum, this random website is an intrinsic mystery.
Web Based Visit Superbad


Synaesthete This creates an in-game harmony so that visual and auditory components are not two experiences, but one.
Windows Download Synaesthete


Tranquility Hours may melt into minutes while experiencing a relaxed feeling of deep spatial dislocation.
Windows Mac Download Tranquility


Treasure Box A mind-blowing puzzle created by Japanese artist Wada Nanahiro. Check out his similar work too.
Web Based Visit Treasure Box


Tunnel Rush A mixture of helicopters and LSD. Dont hit the sides of the tunnel, which is very difficult in this colorful challenge.
Web Based Play Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

Whorld Whorld is a visualizer for sacred geometry using a seamless animation of mesmerizing psychedelic images.
Windows Download Whorld


Winamp Visualizer For those of you who prefer Winamp over iTunes, you can still trip on the bundled and plug-in visualizers.
Windows Download Winamp

Winamp Visualizer

Xaos A fractal viewing program. Allows you to infinitely zoom in and out of fractals, and change shading options.
Linux Windows Mac Download Xaos

Trippy Xaos

Bullet Candy This trippy 2D overhead techno-filled shoot-em-up space showdown will blow your mind for hours.
Windows Mac Download Bullet Candy

Bullet Candy

Squid Squid is a graphical visualization program that generates designs based on keyboard and mouse inputs.
Mac Download Squid


Absürd Örg The most confusing website you will ever stumble upon. This goes beyond absurd, it is pure nonsense.
Web Based Visit Absürd Örg

Absürd Örg

Flow This very bizarre, artsy, surreal flash movie probably contains some kind of subliminal messaging...
Web Watch Flow


Phun A fun cartoon-like phsyics simulator now called Algodoo. Create objects and environments to test the laws of science.
Linux Windows Mac Download Phun

Trippy Apps does not condone any use of illegal drugs. This website is only a reference to a collection of computer programs, nothing more.