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An abstract website with deep, meaningful messages behind the random designs and compilations. Each image leads to a different page, with little transitional material. Try to find out this site's purpose if you can. Be sure to turn up the volume, as the audio gets pretty trippy too. Made for: Web Based Web Website:

Absürd Örg The most confusing website you will ever stumble upon. This goes beyond absurd, it is pure nonsense.
Web Based

Absürd Örg

Secret Technology The personal website of Jason Nelson and his digital poetry. His unusual style of games and art is ultra trippy.
Web Based

Secret Technology

Sugar Free Ink The latest art pieces from Brazilian artist Fábio Abram. The navigation is almost trippier than the drawings.
Web Based

Sugar Free Ink

Superbad This isn't the movie you're thinking of. Like Conclave Obscurum, this random website is an intrinsic mystery.
Web Based

Trippy Apps does not condone any use of illegal drugs. This website is only a reference to a collection of computer programs, nothing more.