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Echoes is like Asteroids' hyperactive, tripped out, drug crazed brother viewed through psychedelic glasses. Made for: Windows Windows Website:

Bullet Candy This trippy 2D overhead techno-filled shoot-em-up space showdown will blow your mind for hours.
Windows Mac Download Bullet Candy

Bullet Candy

Grid Wars 2 Geometry Wars made for the computer. Shoot shapes, get power-ups, and avoid black holes!
Windows Mac Download Grid Wars 2

Grid Wars 2

Mono Part Asteroids, part Robotron, part Paint Shop Pro - fast paced, power-up enhanced shoot-em-up action.
Windows Download Mono


Spheres of Chaos Spheres of Chaos casts a psychedelic surreal experience that one would be remiss to not experience.
Linux Windows Download Spheres of Chaos

Spheres of Chaos
Trippy Apps does not condone any use of illegal drugs. This website is only a reference to a collection of computer programs, nothing more.