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Random, trippy, browser-compatible television shorts, put together by interactive designer Paul Neave. Made for: Web Web Website:

Disorientation Try to lead your character through a spinning maze of continuously changing aspect ratios.
Web Based Play Disorientation


Larry Carlson Enter the Wonderful World of Larry Carlson, the home of Supreme Om and North Vale. Not for the epileptic.
Web Based Visit Larry Carlson

Trippy Larry Carlson

Mental FX This website is the king of psychedelic fractal and kaleidoscope DVDs. They also have Java trip editors.
Web Based Visit Mental FX

Trippy Mental FX

Zoomquilt A wonderfully painted collaborative poster that loops forever. This project is the predecessor to Zoomquilt 2.
Web Based Watch Zoomquilt

Trippy Apps does not condone any use of illegal drugs. This website is only a reference to a collection of computer programs, nothing more.