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Bullet Candy This trippy 2D overhead techno-filled shoot-em-up space showdown will blow your mind for hours.
Windows Mac Download Bullet Candy

Bullet Candy

CAPOW A research project that explores new kinds of continuous-valued cellular automata for electric power. Crazy.
Windows Download CAPOW


Context Free This application creates mathematical art based on a small programming language for design grammars.
Linux Windows Mac Download Context Free

Context Free

Drempels Drempels transforms your desktop into colorful hallucinogenic patterns that resemble a hurricane or tornado.
Windows Download Drempels


Echoes Echoes is like Asteroids' hyperactive, tripped out, drug crazed brother viewed through psychedelic glasses.
Windows Download Echoes


Electric Sheep A trippy screen saver that generates animated designs. Each design, or "sheep", evolves from the previous.
Linux Windows Mac Download Electric Sheep

Trippy Electric Sheep

Grid Wars 2 Geometry Wars made for the computer. Shoot shapes, get power-ups, and avoid black holes!
Windows Mac Download Grid Wars 2

Grid Wars 2

iTunes Visualizer A psychedelic visual response through audio input. Ultragroovalicious and other plug-ins electrify the waveforms.
Windows Mac Download iTunes

iTunes Visualizer

Mono Part Asteroids, part Robotron, part Paint Shop Pro - fast paced, power-up enhanced shoot-em-up action.
Windows Download Mono


Phun A fun cartoon-like phsyics simulator now called Algodoo. Create objects and environments to test the laws of science.
Linux Windows Mac Download Phun


Plasma Pong The trippiest, most intense version of Pong you will ever play. Turn up the volume, the music is epic.
Windows Mac Download Plasma Pong

Plasma Pong

pzizz Doze off while listening to deep, gentle voices of reassurance over binaural tones and holophonic sound.
Windows Mac Listen to pzizz


Rainbox Java applet with many presets to draw psychedelic animations. Download the .jar file to experiment in fullscreen.
Web Based Linux Windows Mac Visit Rainbox

Trippy Rainbox

Spheres of Chaos Spheres of Chaos casts a psychedelic surreal experience that one would be remiss to not experience.
Linux Windows Download Spheres of Chaos

Spheres of Chaos

Strange Attractors A spaceship game with only one button for control. Press spacebar to activate the gravity drive of your craft.
Windows Download Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors

Synaesthete This creates an in-game harmony so that visual and auditory components are not two experiences, but one.
Windows Download Synaesthete


Tranquility Hours may melt into minutes while experiencing a relaxed feeling of deep spatial dislocation.
Windows Mac Download Tranquility


Whorld Whorld is a visualizer for sacred geometry using a seamless animation of mesmerizing psychedelic images.
Windows Download Whorld


Winamp Visualizer For those of you who prefer Winamp over iTunes, you can still trip on the bundled and plug-in visualizers.
Windows Download Winamp

Winamp Visualizer

Xaos A fractal viewing program. Allows you to infinitely zoom in and out of fractals, and change shading options.
Linux Windows Mac Download Xaos

Trippy Xaos
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